Children’s Library
Children's Library

Since 1995 this library has been providing library services to the young users through its Children’s Section. In 2003 the collection has shifted to new building and now it has been providing its service through the new wing. In this section children can enjoy English, Nepali and other language books. The section has more than 4100 books. There are colourful reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, Guinness books etc. so as to attract the young readers. The English books have been classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification and Nepali and other language books are colour coded. A catalogue of the books in this section has also been published. The video film shows, CD-ROM demonstration, story telling, Origami, quiz and how to use reference books programmes are being arranged time to time for the younger users.

Some of the Major Books

The Nepal National Library, with UNESCO/DANIDA assistance has sponsored the publication of 9 children’s books, including 7 titles from the Nepalese Society for Children’s Literature (NESCHIL), and 2 titles from Pokhara Public Library, as follows:

Tilaure Ra Phulaure, by Ram Kumar Pandey. NESCHIL, 1995.
This story with its lively illustrations follows 2 brothers on their journey of discovery through Nepal.

Bajyai! Bajyai! Geet Gaaun, by Victor Pradhan & Bharatkumar Bhattarai. NESCHIL, 1996.
Children’s rhymes and folksongs.

Ma Birami Chhaina, by Ranjushri Parajuli. NESCHIL, 1997.
Children’s stories.

China-Jana Hamilai, by Sharada Adhikari (Dhakal). NESCHIL, 1997.
Children’s rhymes and songs.

Bal katha,Pokhara
Public Library, 1996.
Children’s stories.

Hamro katha,
Pokhara Public Library, 1996.
6 children’s stories by different writers.

Guru-Ma-Pa, retold by “RUMU”. NESCHIL, 1998.

A famous traditional story of the Kathmandu valley, brought to life by the full page illustration of Sunil and Jupi, which capture the flavour of historic Patan. In English and Nepali.

Asta Chiranjibi, by Bishwambhar Chanchal. NESCHIL, 1998.
Accounts of eight world famous people from Confucius and Madame Curie to Mahatma Gandhi and Helen Keller.

Indrajali Rukh (The enchanted tree), by Enid Blyton, translated by Ramesh Vikal. NESCHIL, 1999.
This junior novel has delighted children in the West for many years, and now Nepali children, too, have the chance to enjoy it. It is one of the very few full-length junior fiction books available in the Nepali market.

These titles are available for sale at subsidized rates from Kathmandu bookshops. Requests for a free set of these publications will be considered from schools and public libraries (while stocks last). Please write to the Nepal National Library explaining how the books will be used.